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Basel police stuck in Tesla car chase

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At the crucial moment

Basel police stuck in Tesla car chase

In Basel, the police wanted to check two cyclists. The two fled and a chase ensued. At the crucial moment, the police officers could not get out of the Tesla – because the doors of the vehicle were blocked.


A curious incident occurred with the Basel police. During a chase, the police officers were unable to get out at the crucial moment. (icon picture)

A curious scene occurred during a police operation in Basel. During a chase behind a fleeing cyclist, the patrol car broke down at the crucial moment: the doors of the Tesla jammed and the police officers were trapped inside.

According to “Primenews”, the electronically controlled doors could no longer be opened during use. It was the BS 04 emergency vehicle. A cyclist wanted to avoid a drug check by the officers and fled. The police asked the driver to stop. The police officers wanted to get out of the moving car to check the driver. “However, this failed because the vehicle door was blocked,” says the police report on the incident, which was two years ago.

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