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“Bathtub killer” dies before trial in Zurich

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Schweizer († 50) drowned ex-wife in 2014

“Bathtub killer” dies before trial in Zurich

An appeal process at the Zurich High Court must be discontinued. The accused murderer has died. The IT consultant killed his ex-wife in 2014.

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The alleged murderer should have explained himself before the Zurich High Court. (archive image)

A 50-year-old Swiss man who was convicted of murdering his wife in the first instance died before the appeals process at the Zurich High Court. The procedure is therefore discontinued.

For the Supreme Court, the death of the alleged murderer is an “insurmountable procedural obstacle” that prevents a verdict from being reached, as the Supreme Court writes in its recently published decision. It also decided that the deceased or his heirs would not receive two million francs in compensation and satisfaction from the state.

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