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Bern game hat shoots wolf

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After 22 sheep tears

Bern game hat shoots wolf

A game warden killed a wolf that had been released for shooting in the canton of Bern on Thursday night. The hunting inspectorate assumes that it is the animal that was responsible for several tears in the Schwarzenburg region.

A wolf was killed in the canton of Bern, which had killed more than 20 sheep in the Schwarzenburg region. (icon picture)

Between October 21 and December 24, 2022, a total of 22 sheep were killed by a wolf in the communities of Schwarzenburg, Rüschegg, Zimmerwald, Rüeggisberg and Niedermuhlern, according to the Bernese Economic, Energy and Environmental Directorate.

Ten of these sheep were adequately protected with herd protection measures. The legally stipulated damage limit was thus reached, so that the canton issued a shooting permit on December 26th.

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