Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Climate change makes it possible

Bird from North America spotted in Ticino

An ornithologist spotted a willow yellowthroat in Ticino. According to Ficedula, the ornithology and bird protection organization of Italian Switzerland, the fact that the bird species that lives in North America is appearing in Ticino could be due to climate change.

A willow yellowthroat has been spotted in Ticino. The bird species lives in North America and usually winters in the Azores.

In the cold season, the willow yellowthroat usually stays on the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, Ficedula President Roberto Lardelli said on Wednesday when asked by Keystone-SDA. This is where the bird species that lives in North America overwinters.

This year, however, ornithologists in the Azores have searched in vain for willow yellowthroats, Lardelli said. But now one of them has apparently reached Ticino.

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