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“Black” Appenzeller Jodler is not a racist, according to the court

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Breathe a sigh of relief in Walzenhausen AR

Criminal proceedings against “black” Appenzell yodelers dropped

Appenzell judges have dropped criminal proceedings against a yodeller choir. At a carnival party, a yodeler painted his face black and pretended to be an African. The “blackface” was apparently not racist and goes unpunished.

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This black Appenzeller yodeler caused a racism scandal in November.

November 2022 in Appenzell: At a carnival party, a yodeler with a black painted face, curly hair wig, drum and bast skirt suddenly stepped onto the stage – and caused a racism scandal. The reproach? “Blackfacing” when white people put on make-up to represent black people.

Markus Nef, farmer in Walzenhausen in Appenzell and president of the Jodelchorli, reacted with astonishment to the accusation. He had never heard the expression “blackfacing”. He doesn’t deal with “that kind of ‘stuff’,” said Nef about “20 minutes”. He doesn’t have any time for that in Appenzellerland with its “wonderful views”, where people “work” and “don’t seek arguments”.

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