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Bouncer suggests guest hospitalized – convicted

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Dispute in Lucerne degenerated

Bouncer suggests guest hospitalized – convicted

There was a dispute between a bouncer and a guest in front of a Lucerne restaurant. The bouncer injured the man so badly that he had to have an operation. The bouncer has now been convicted.

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The dispute escalated in front of the Pacifico restaurant in Lucerne.

In mid-January 2022, a dispute broke out in Lucerne, which escalated and finally ended with several broken bones for a guest. Now the case has been heard before the Lucerne Criminal Court.

It started in the stairwell of the Pacifico restaurant. The initially verbal argument between a guest and a bouncer was then shifted outside. The man struggled as he was carried out. The bouncer pushed him to the ground, with the man breaking his ankle, as “20 minutes” reports.

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