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Brothel owners do not fear OnlyFans

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The sex industry is also becoming increasingly digital

Brothel owners do not fear OnlyFans

The sex platform Onlyfans is booming. More and more women and men are presenting pornographic photos of themselves online. No problem for the brothels, insiders tell Blick.


Sex online sells: Melba Monti (23) from Balerna TI has been a creator on Onlyfans since July 2022 and earns many times what she got as a barmaid.


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Sex at a bargain price. At any time of the day or night. Without obligation to consume at the counter. And you save yourself the trip to the brothel. Onlyfans delivers self-made pornography free of charge for a few Stutz per month. But apparently the British web service does not represent any real competition for the Swiss red-light district, insiders confirm to Blick. On the contrary.

Clementine has been renting apartments to prostitutes for 17 years. She currently has eleven apartments in eastern Switzerland. She knows the business inside out. “In the last two or three years, more and more girls have been moving their business to the internet. I think platforms like Onlyfans are great,” says the operator of It is an additional offer for the prostitutes. However, the trade as such would not be affected. would still be purchased.

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