Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Bündner († 78) dies while searching for sheep

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He got stuck upside down in a crevasse

Bündner († 78) dies while searching for sheep

A man found himself stuck upside down in a crack between a wall and bales of straw while searching for a sheep in a stable on Tuesday evening. The 78-year-old could only be recovered dead.

A sheep and a man had fallen into this gap. Any help came too late for the man.

In the canton of Graubünden, a 78-year-old man died while tending a friend’s sheep.

According to previous knowledge, he alone looked after the sheep of a farmer friend in Vrin on Tuesday evening. During the check, he noticed that an animal was missing. After a search in the barn, he found the sheep in a gap between a wall and stacked straw and hay bales.

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