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Bündner judge resigns after rape allegations

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supervisory procedure set up

Bündner judge resigns after rape allegations

There are serious allegations raised by a former intern at the Graubünden administrative court. A judge is said to have raped her after he had repeatedly sexually harassed her for a long time. The man has now resigned from his position.

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A judge of the administrative court in Chur is accused of raping an intern (25) in December 2021.

The supervisory procedure against the Graubünden administrative judge (47), who is accused of criminal sexual acts against an intern (25), has been discontinued. The reason for this is the resignation of the judge from his office. This does not affect an ongoing criminal investigation against the man by the public prosecutor.

In mid-December, the accused announced his resignation as a judge at the Graubünden Administrative Court in Chur at the end of the year. “With his departure from office, the supervisory procedure opened against him on August 24, 2022 has become irrelevant in terms of administrative law,” said the Justice and Security Commission of the Grand Council (KJS) on Tuesday.

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