Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Car cracker attacks Kave K. (40) with an iron bar

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Kave K. wanted to scare away a thief who was testing all the cars in his quarters to see if they were open in order to steal things from them. The incident happened on Thursday evening.


Celine Trachselreporter

He only wanted to help and received a beating – with an iron bar. “I haven’t slept well for three nights. I now close the window that I always left open for the cat at night, »says Kave K.* (40) to Blick after the attack. His wrist is swollen. The imprint of the pole on his skin is still clearly visible.

On Thursday evening he had caught a man in the act. “I was smoking on the balcony when I saw him going from car to car to see if they were open. He wanted to steal things from it.” K. called out to the man what he was doing. “Nothing!” he replied and immediately ran away.

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