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Chinese mothers put children in corrective helmets

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Dangerous beauty trend

Chinese mothers put their children in corrective helmets

When it comes to the looks of their children, some parents know no bounds. In Asia, they put their offspring in “corrective helmets” – and tape their mouths shut at night with “corrective tape”!


In Asian countries, special beauty trends are spreading, which are supposed to change the appearance of children. The drivers of this are the parents of the children.

A strange beauty trend is spreading in Asian countries, which is supposed to change the appearance of children. Two products in particular are recommended by influencers, as reported by Sixth Tone, an English-language online magazine from the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai.

On the one hand, there are “corrective helmets” that are intended to change the shape of a child’s head. Especially in China, many parents are convinced that only a round head shape is considered attractive. They believe that this method will save their offspring from being teased about a flat head in the future.

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