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Church reduces the ringing of bells – because it annoys newcomers

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Bimbam puff in Neuhausen SH

Church reduces the ringing of bells – because it annoys newcomers

You are new to the community and think the traditional ringing of bells is annoying: now the church in Neuhausen in the canton of Schaffhausen is showing consideration and reducing the ringing. That in turn could drive bell fans to the barricades.


In Neuhausen am Rheinfall SH not only the rushing of the waterfall provides a sound backdrop, but also the regular ringing of the church bells.

Neuhausen am Rheinfall SH is growing rapidly thanks to major construction projects. However, the newcomers are not happy about all the circumstances and traditions in the small town with around 10,000 inhabitants. A thorn in the side – or rather: in the ear – of some new residents is the ringing of the bells of the Evangelical Reformed Church in the town centre.

Now the Neuhauser parish has drawn conclusions from the complaints. As she announced on Thursday, she wants to reduce the ringing in the future. In a test phase that starts in October, the morning bell should be dispensed with. The hour strikes should also sound less frequently.

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