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Clearing snow costs a million a day

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Expensive shock in Valais

Clearing snow costs a million a day

When it snows everywhere in Valais, more than 300 vehicles are in use every day – and that costs money. One million Swiss francs are incurred every day.

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A day of snow clearing in Valais costs around one million Swiss francs.

Snow is beautiful, but also quite expensive – if it has to be cleared away. As Vincent Pellissier, head of the canton’s mobility department, told the daily newspaper “Le Nouvelliste”, he estimates the costs in the canton of Valais for a day and a night at around one million francs.

“When it’s snowing everywhere, over 300 vehicles with snow ploughs, salt spreaders or tillers are in action. That’s 500 machines to open the streets,” says Pellissier. In addition to the actual snow clearing, the amount includes salt spreading and the costs for the canton roads charged by the concessionaires.

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