Monday, March 20, 2023

“Climate change is happening here and now”

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Snow is scarce: a ski slope between Riggisalp (1491 meters above sea level) and Gypsera (1046 meters above sea level).


Fabian BabicEditor News

7.41 degrees. That’s how warm it was in Switzerland on average in 2022. That’s a record – and by a lot. The hottest year so far, 2018, has been surpassed by around 0.5 degrees. The new year has barely begun when temperature records tumble again: for the first time since measurements began, more than 20 degrees were measured on the north side of the Alps in January.

A look at the measurement data reveals a clear trend: It’s getting warmer and warmer. After 2010, Switzerland has experienced the seven hottest years since measurements began. The consequences were noticeable last year: Europe recorded over 20,000 deaths and financial losses of around 10 billion francs due to the heat wave.

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