Friday, March 24, 2023

Deadly gentrification

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Bub († 5) dies at Escher-Wyss-Platz in Zurich

Deadly gentrification

A kindergarten student was run over at Escher-Wyss-Platz in Zurich. The fact that it can come to this is also due to the city’s backward transport concept, writes Thomas Benkö. He is Teamlead Digital and rides his bike every day in Zurich.


The scene of the accident at Escher-Wyss-Platz: the traffic rushes around the people – the bridge pier blocks the view.


Thomas «bo» BenkoTeamlead Digital

“Child died after a traffic accident,” says a succinct statement from the Zurich city police on Wednesday.

As a father, it’s choking. I know Escher-Wyss-Platz well. A juggernaut of tram lines and streets where drivers step on the gas because they’re about to be on the A1.

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