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Dispute over apartment – ​​Zugerin bites her ex

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After separation

Dispute over apartment – ​​Zugerin bites her ex

After the love-off, the argument followed. A couple in the canton of Zug attacked each other in a dispute over their shared apartment. He pushed her to the ground, she bit.


After the separation, a dispute between a man and a woman in the canton of Zug escalated. (icon picture)

A Swiss couple lived in Thailand for several years, during which time they rented out their shared apartment in the canton of Zug. When the two came back, the couple had separated – and that led to a curious scene.

Both tried to get to the apartment as quickly as possible. When the two got there, the situation escalated, as reported by “Zentralplus”. The man was faster and blocked his ex’s way. This, in turn, was not so easy to stop. Without further ado, she bit his forearm. After he threw her to the ground, she bit again. This time in the leg.

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