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Dorfbeizer serves vegan cordon bleus

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Beizer Daniel Sahli preparing a vegan cordon bleus.


Dana LiechtiEditor Sunday view

Nobody eats that,” the people in the village would have told him at the beginning. And laughed. But when Daniel Sahli (59) has something in mind, he will do it. So it was that the Beizer in the Bernese Seeland served a vegan cordon bleu for the first time 13 years ago – long before oat milk and pea-based chicken substitutes found their way onto the supermarket shelves.

The restaurant offers 74 different meat-based cordons bleus

Thursday afternoon, Restaurant Bahnhof in Kallnach BE: In the dining room – wood-panelled walls, solid tables, red tablecloths – a few men are sitting over a beer, discussing everything and everything. Sahli knows them all by their first names. He’s like something out of a picture book: easy, direct, hands-on. He has been the host in the village of 2,281 for two decades, and the Bahnhöfli is now known far beyond the region. Especially for one thing: cordons bleus. Sahli offers 74 different meaty varieties alone, with porcini mushrooms, mustard or sambal oelek, in three sizes, for the hungriest he roasts pieces that weigh 600 grams. He processes more than a tonne of pork every year – which he gets from the butcher and from the region. “That’s important to me,” says Sahli, who describes himself as a meat tiger.

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