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Driver rolls backwards pensioner († 89) – dead!

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Failed parking maneuver in Wolfenschiessen NW

Driver rolls backwards pensioner († 89) – dead!

On Tuesday morning, a man ran over a pensioner during a parking maneuver. The 89-year-old was seriously injured and later died in hospital.

Published: 12 minutes ago

Fatal accident in Wolfenschiessen: The old lady’s walker stayed behind.

Only her walker remained at the scene of the accident. Because a driver was not careful during a parking maneuver, a pensioner had to die in Wolfenschiessen in the canton of Nidwalden.

A 72-year-old local driver reversed out of a parking lot on Tuesday and intended to turn onto Oberrickenbachstrasse in Wolfenschiessen. At the same time, an 89-year-old pedestrian was on the sidewalk behind the parking lot. As a result, the pedestrian was hit by the vehicle and rolled over.

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