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Drunk woman runs away from police station – in the car

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Sobering up in Mels SG aborted

Drunk woman runs away from police station – in the car

A 43-year-old Spaniard drove off the parking lot of the Mels SG police station drunk on Saturday morning. She spent the night at the police base because she didn’t want to leave a man’s apartment.

The woman’s breath alcohol measurement showed a value of over 0.7 mg/l. (archive image)

At 5:30 a.m., the police were summoned to an apartment in Sarganserland, the cantonal police in St. Gallen said. Apparently, the Spaniard had been visiting the tenant of the apartment for several days, but then refused to leave.

As the police continue to write, the woman “in the presence of several police patrols” was finally ready to leave the apartment. Since she was obviously drunk, she and her car were taken to the Mels police station. There she was offered to sober up in the heat.

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