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Eddy around the Nazi memorial in Chur

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Not even the mayor knew about the relic

Eddy around the Nazi memorial in Chur

An SRF journalist discovered a Nazi memorial in a cemetery in the middle of Chur. The city was surprised. Apparently not even the mayor knew of the existence of the relic from suppressed times.

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Updated: 28 minutes ago

This memorial on the Daleu Cemetery in Chur was erected by the National Socialists – and was then apparently forgotten.

In a cemetery in Chur GR, an SRF journalist made a bizarre discovery: in the middle of the graves she found a Nazi memorial.

The monument was part of a heroic cult that Hitler used to justify the war, SRF wrote in a statement on Friday. The granite block, built in 1938 and weighing at least 13 tons, stands inconspicuously on the Daleu cemetery in Chur. Interned German soldiers who died in Graubünden during the First World War are buried underneath.

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