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Entrepreneur in court for suspected Suva fraud

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Entrepreneur in court for suspected Suva fraud

From Monday, two entrepreneurs will have to answer to the court for suspected fraud at Suva in Yverdon VD. They are said to have reported around 20 dubious accidents in order to receive unjustified benefits of several hundred thousand francs.

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The Suva fraud case, which will be heard in Yverdon from Monday, is not the only one that has occupied Suva in recent years. The amount of crimes committed by private individuals varies between 12 and 18 million Swiss francs per year.

As heads of various companies that were active in the construction sector, the two bosses are said to have sent these accident reports between 2010 and 2016 for about ten employees or alleged employees. Depending on the case, the sums received from the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund (Suva) ranged from around CHF 1,000 to CHF 215,000.

The alleged accidents are said to have occurred on construction sites in western Switzerland, but also during stays in Kosovo, the accused’s country of origin. The indictment repeatedly points out that the Suva contractors apparently gave “knowingly false information” about the actual course of the accident or the actual inability to work.

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