Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ex-CEO convicted of poisoning wife

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Boris H. was once the CEO of an IT company. Now he has been sentenced to a long prison term.

Bernese Boris H.* (50), who had to answer to the Bern Regional Court for killing his wife Viola H.* († 54) since Monday, was found guilty on Thursday. The judges found it established that the accused had poisoned his wife with an overdose of a gout drug. According to the court, the man acted extremely unscrupulously. The accused found out about the effects of poisons well in advance of the crime and ordered numerous corresponding drugs via a foreign trade portal and had them delivered to a secret PO box.

The accused no longer denied in court that he poured the gout medication into his wife’s coffee in March 2021. However, his defense attorney emphasized that Boris H. did not want to kill the woman.

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