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Experts call for more specialist skills for long-term care

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“Structural Challenges”

Experts call for more specialist skills for long-term care

According to a national committee of experts, inpatient long-term care requires additional specialist skills in areas such as geriatrics, gerontopsychiatry, epidemiology, infection prevention and ethics. Funding needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Experts call for more specialist skills for inpatient long-term care. (archive image)

The expert committee published a corresponding report on Monday. The scientific Covid task force had given the order to analyze the problems that had been identified in old people’s and nursing homes during the pandemic.

However, most of the challenges identified by the experts are not specific to the pandemic, but are “structural and have been known to those involved in long-term care for years,” the authors write. For a long time, however, the authorities had paid too little attention to long-term care institutions when dealing with the pandemic. When it comes to epidemiological, hygienic and ethical issues related to dealing with the pandemic, the retirement and nursing homes were largely left to their own devices. (SDA)

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