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Fake police officers steal thousands of francs with a nasty trick

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In the canton of Aargau

Fake police officers stole 70,000 francs

Again and again, scammers in Switzerland pretend to be police officers. They take thousands of francs from their victims with their scam. The Aargau cantonal police are now reporting two new cases.

Published: 22 minutes ago

Fake police officers have stolen several thousand francs with a nasty trick in the canton of Aargau. This is reported by the cantonal police in Aargau.

Fake police officers have stolen almost CHF 70,000 in two cases in the past few days. A total of more than 30 attempts at fraud have been reported to the police since Monday, as the Aargau cantonal police announced on Wednesday.

The cantonal police write that the wrong police officers demanded money, arguing that relatives were involved in accidents. In two cases they were successful.

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