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Federal government classifies drug bottleneck as “problematic”.

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Expert group to examine immediate measures

Federal government classifies drug bottleneck as “problematic”.

In Switzerland, the bottleneck in the supply of essential medicines has worsened. The federal government has reclassified the situation as “problematic”, as the Federal Council announced on Wednesday. A group of experts is to examine immediate measures.

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The drug situation in Switzerland is coming to a head. (icon picture)

Switzerland has been missing vital medicines for months. And in recent weeks, the already tense drug supply situation has worsened. The state economic supply therefore informed the Federal Council on Wednesday that it had reclassified the situation as problematic.

The global shortage of antibiotics was massively aggravated by the corona pandemic and the production bottlenecks for the active ingredients caused by lockdowns, especially in China. This global problem and the currently strong and long-lasting wave of infections have also meant that demand in Switzerland can no longer be met.

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