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Festim P.’s (18) ticket was gone the same day!

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Festim P. (18) passed the driver’s test and raced over the Bözberg at 126 km/h

The ticket was gone the same day!

Finally the ticket! Festim P. (18) must have thought so after passing his driving test – and he put his foot on the gas pedal of his 5-series BMW that very same day. So Schegg was gone immediately.


Festim P. (18) was caught by the Aargau cantonal police shortly after passing his driving test at 126 km/h.

The officers of the Aargau canton police were amazed at a speed check last Thursday afternoon. It is around 4.30 p.m. when they catch a gray BMW 5 Series with the laser device on the pass road in Bözberg AG. At a speed of 126 km/h!

You stop the driver and just rub your eyes again. Because the BMW driver doesn’t even have a driver’s license with him. The reason: He had only just passed the car test that day.

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