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Firefighter († 53) dies on the way to use

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Accident in Rümlingen BL

Firefighter († 53) dies on the way to use

A fire brigade officer had an accident on Monday on the way to an operation in Rümlingen BL. The man died in the process.

According to initial findings, a medical cause is likely to be responsible for the accident.

A fire brigade officer was on Monday, around 2 p.m., with his on-call vehicle coming from Rünenberg on the donkey path in the direction of Rümlingen BL. For reasons that have not yet been fully clarified, he collided with the right-hand side of the road on the sloping road, causing the vehicle to tip over onto the left-hand side.

In the following left turn, the skidding vehicle got back on its wheels and came to a standstill on the roadway.

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