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«For Finland, the Cold War was never over»

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Ambassador Hirvonen, do you really expect Russia to invade your country?
Valtteri Hirvonen: There is currently no immediate military threat against Finland, but we are following the development of the situation. Finnish security and defense policy is based on a strong national defense capability and on preserving national room for maneuver and keeping various options open. However, military threats are not limited to land warfare. Finland conducts the majority of its foreign trade via the sea – and that is why protecting the sea routes is of central importance to Finland.

Finland has fought around 30 wars against Russia over the past 800 years. What’s different today?
Russia has waged many wars against us, and Russian troops have ravaged the country in these 800 years, pillaging and destroying. Our last wars against the Soviet Union were the Winter War of 1939-40 and the Continuation War of 1941-1944, in which we were able to defend ourselves against the Soviets in such a way that we were not occupied and were able to retain our independence and our democratic social order – but still ten percent had to cede our territory. We have learned that strong partners are essential to avoid a military raid.

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