Monday, March 20, 2023

From metal worker to Ticino real estate king

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Stefano Artioli (62) at the Artisa Group headquarters. The Ticino native has handed over the presidency of the group in Manno TI to his son Alain. He remains vice president.

They are spectacular slow sellers. The Grand Hotel in Locarno TI is closed for over 16 years. The once historic noble hostel has degenerated into the Lost Place. At the San Bernardino Pass, the ski facilities are at a standstill. One hotel after another is closing. The southern Graubünden town of San Bernardino is disappearing from the map of popular Swiss winter sports destinations.

Funders are desperately sought. Interested parties but jump off again and again. Too expensive, too complicated, too daring. But since 2021 everything is different. Stefano Artioli (62) first buys the Grand Hotel, then half of San Bernardino. His vision inspires. And the money flows as if from the magical cornucopia.

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