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German football legend harassed drivers on A1

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Convicted after rowdy maneuvers in Ferrari

German football legend harassed drivers on A1

A German ex-soccer professional harassed another driver on the A1 near Winterthur. After initially closing in on him, he launched a daring overtaking maneuver and outbraked his opponent. Now the Ferrari driver has been convicted.


In January 2022, a German ex-soccer player in a Ferrari braked another driver on the A1 near Winterthur ZH. (icon picture)

Chicane on the A1 near Winterthur! As “Züri Today” reports, a German made a dangerous maneuver in his Ferrari in January 2022. He drove close to another driver, overtook him from the right and finally braked him.

As the news portal continues to write, the highway rowdy is said to be a well-known ex-soccer professional. With his daring manoeuvre, the German made himself liable to prosecution and has since been sentenced for the action.

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