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German has to fork out 5,700 francs for a manipulated vignette

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First he was acquitted

German has to fork out 5,700 francs for a manipulated vignette

Juicy fine for a German driver. The 53-year-old forged the motorway vignette last year. Now he has to pay several thousand francs.

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The German was acquitted in the district court last April.

Last April, the President of the District Court of Rheinfelden AG had acquitted the German of the charge of counterfeiting official stamps. But the public prosecutor’s office in Rheinfelden-Laufenburg took the acquittal to the higher court.

The Supreme Court sentenced the man to a conditional fine of 25 daily rates of 120 francs and a liaison fine of 500 francs for forging official stamps. This emerges from the judgment of the Supreme Court published on Tuesday.

Was initially acquitted

The public prosecutor’s office had imposed a conditional fine of 20 daily rates and a fine of 600 francs. The German objected to the penalty order and demanded an acquittal.

The Border Guard checked the driver on September 10, 2021 at 7 a.m. at the Rheinfelden-Autobahn border crossing coming from Switzerland. The border guard found that the motorway vignette for 2021 was mounted behind the windshield using a transparent backing film.

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