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Germans think that we are not allowed to do the dishes at night

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What’s with the myth?

Germans think that there is a ban on dishwashing at night in Switzerland

In Germany it is believed that in Switzerland the toilet cannot be flushed at night. The reason: noise pollution. Is there something to it? A rental expert explains.

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Is washing dishes at night forbidden in Switzerland?


Jenny WagnerEditor News

A good night’s rest is very important in Switzerland. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., tenants are obliged to show consideration for the neighbors.

However, a strange rumor has spread among our neighbors in the north: For example, “Bild” writes about the absurd “Swiss law”: “If you want to go to the toilet in your apartment in Switzerland at night, the following applies: Flushing is forbidden!” Otherwise you disturb the night’s sleep. Is that right?

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