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“Get married as soon as you have children!”

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In old age, women are financially worse off than men. Kerstin Windhövel says: “For many, the topic of old-age provision is just as unsexy as the tax return.” But if women know the connections, they can negotiate better.

Attention women: This weekend we are voting on the AHV. But the debate is actually about more: financial security in old age. What can women do to avoid nasty surprises later? Kerstin Windhövel (49), Professor of Pensions at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Zurich, provides the answer.

Blick: Ms. Windhövel, the current debate shows that, overall, women receive 34 percent less pensions than men. But many are not aware of this, the topic is too complicated for them. Do you understand?
Kerstin Windhoevel:
For many, the subject of retirement provision is just as unsexy as the tax return. But you don’t have to understand everything down to the last detail with both. The connections are important. So women can negotiate much better.

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