Monday, March 20, 2023

Guides are a sham help

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Psychology advisors are in demand. Many work with case studies.


Rebecca WyssEditor society / magazine

Psychology guides have one thing in common: they work with positive case studies. Claudia always gets mad when her boyfriend leaves his socks. She doesn’t feel seen by him. Like when she was a child, when her mother never had time for her. As soon as Claudia knows that, she can say: “Wait, I won’t do it anymore.”

That is the sound of books like those written by the successful author Stefanie Stahl. And it’s only half the truth. That, too, is in the nature of a successful psychology guide: it promises simple solutions. Suggesting that the behavior of soon to be eight billion people can be broken down into a few patterns – the idea: if you know them, you know the people. An uplifting feeling.

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