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“He ate a piece and a half of my homemade lasagna”

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Burglar used Eldin B.’s (21) refrigerator – he left valuables behind

“He ate a piece and a half of my homemade lasagna!”

On Tuesday, a man broke into a family home in Sonceboz BE while the residents were at home. The burglar goes into the kitchen – and eats lasagna. He ignores the expensive electronic devices and watches.


Eldin B. and his girlfriend Chiara W. had their home broken into.


Celine Trachselreporter

Today the two laugh at the hungry lasagna man who broke into their home but didn’t steal anything. But on Tuesday afternoon, Eldin B.* (21) and his girlfriend Chiara W.* (21) were really scared.

“I was just coming home from the pharmacy and was walking downstairs to my girlfriend’s when she suddenly told me she heard noises, there must be someone in the house,” says Eldin B. “When I checked my cell phone, there was indeed an alarm downstairs.”

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