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“I am deeply shocked – and now I am afraid”

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Man beaten in hospital by young people in Kaiseraugst AG – residents are afraid

“I am deeply shocked – and now I am afraid”

The beating attack on a 57-year-old leaves no one cold in the Liebrüti district. It’s nothing new for young people to hang around here in the evenings and at weekends – but it’s never been this brutal before. Now local residents are afraid.


Resident Rosa K. has been very afraid since the incident.


Celine Trachselreporter

If she didn’t have her dog, she wouldn’t dare go out in the evening, says resident Sandra A.* (58). Fear is rampant in the Liebrüti quarter in Kaiseraugst AG.

Because on Friday evening, a tenant (57) was brutally beaten while walking his dog in front of his house entrance. The attack was so severe that the victim had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. According to the Aargau canton police, the man was blocked by several young people when he left the high-rise building. A quarrel ensued. The man pushed one of the youths aside, then the perpetrators hit him several times in the face with his fist – until the bones splintered.

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