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“I cut myself in half”

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Claudine Dirren from Visp VS takes a break in the shade after completing her tour. The Valais woman’s pedometer counts 35,000 to 40,000 steps a day.


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The old photos look like they are from another world. Claudine Dirren (40) was severely overweight, at times weighed 153 kilos and was 176 centimeters tall. The trained cook couldn’t find any clothes in the shops and had to order everything online at overpriced prices. “In size 60 you wear what fits and not what you like,” says Dirren. She had no feeling of satiety and also ate junk food such as fries and hamburgers. “I ate far too much of everything and kept gaining weight,” says Dirren. Movement was difficult for her then.

Today her reflection looks different. The Visperin is willowy, with a flat stomach and a wide smile. When she read reporter Luisa Ita’s weight loss story in Blick yesterday, she immediately reported: “I’ve lost 77 kilos in the past few years. I even cut myself in half.” Claudine Dirren’s recipe: “Change your diet completely and run, run, run.” She is out in the fresh air for four to five hours a day, “I take the dog out very early in the morning and walk as much as possible”. Your pedometer counts between 35,000 and 40,000 steps a day.

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