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“I only go to the laundry room with pepper spray”

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Mihai T. (36), a resident of Erlkönigweg in the Erlenmatt West district of Basel, found a syringe and a needle in the basement.


Nicolas Luratireporter news

A drug injector in the basement, a junkie in the stairwell. A homeless man sleeping under the stairs, packages torn open, doors broken open. Dirt. The paths and the park that are insufficiently lit. It all sounds like a shabby neighborhood, a cheap housing estate or a ghetto. In fact, it is the reality in a modern Basel family district – Erlenmatt West.

From the outside, the apartment blocks are nice to look at, appear modern and well-kept. The quarter was only completed in 2015. The internet portal advertises it as a city district for singles, couples and families. “Generous and attractive open and green spaces” or “a primary school building and a kindergarten” as well as “shops and restaurants in the immediate vicinity” would make “the Erlenmatt area a part of Basel worth living in”, writes the author of the lines on the portal.

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