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“If the methadone runs out, my nightmare starts all over again”

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Jonas W. fears the moment when he will no longer receive methadone.

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Carla DeVizziEditor News

Uncertain times have dawned for the 9,000 methadone patients in Switzerland. There is a risk of a supply bottleneck for the methadone drug Ketalgin, which the World Health Organization classifies as vital. The problem: At the end of the year, the approval authority Swissmedic withdrew the license from the largest Swiss methadone tablet manufacturer, Amino AG in the canton of Aargau.

Since then, production has been paralysed. A possible supply bottleneck could have fatal consequences for methadone patients. So also for the heroin addict Jonas W.* (36) from Zurich. He has been on Ketalgin for eight years – the two pink tablets are his daily companion and “life saver”, as he says. Thanks to them, he got off the syringe. When he thinks about the impending methadone deficiency, his throat tightens. “If the methadone runs out, my whole nightmare starts all over again,” he says.

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