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In this Bernese pub there are only candles

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Is it really worth it?

In this Bernese pub there are only candles

In the Emmentaler Hornbach-Pinte, the innkeepers want to save energy and are taking a radical approach. All the lightbulbs were removed and lots of candles were set up in their place. But is it really worth it?

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Normally the pub would be brightly lit. But the host couple removed all the light bulbs to save electricity.

The candles are lit in the morning. And they burn until late at night. In the Emmentaler Gasthof Hornbach-Pinte, the host couple Roland and Regina Schüpbach, both 61 years old, want to comply with the Federal Council’s call to save energy against the background of the energy crisis. As Roland Schüpbach says to the “Berner Zeitung”, all the light bulbs in the guest area have been unscrewed.

The innkeeper says to Blick that the many candles come from the bar stock. The candle holders were also still in the household. He also refers to around 30 barn lanterns that they hung from the ceiling. Roland and Regina Schüpbach only leave the outside lighting on so that the guests know that the shop is open.

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