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“It won’t be a walk”

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Former Federal Councilor Micheline Calmy-Rey initiated Switzerland’s candidacy for the UN Security Council in 2011.


Camilla AlaborEditor Sunday view

There was nothing to shake about the decision. Actually. However, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the question arose under new circumstances: Should Switzerland actually take a seat on the UN Security Council? No, the SVP found and in March 2022 called for the candidacy to be renounced. The party saw the neutrality of the country endangered. The majority of Parliament came to a different conclusion. That’s how it stayed: As of today, Sunday, Switzerland will sit on the top UN body for the next two years – and thus side by side with the great powers.

One is particularly happy about this: old Federal Councilor Micheline Calmy-Rey (77). In 2011, the Foreign Minister initiated Switzerland’s candidacy. She doesn’t see it as a personal victory, even if the presence on the UN Security Council is of course very compatible with the active foreign policy that the Geneva native advocated. In Calmy-Rey’s words, the seat is the “logical consequence of the fact that Switzerland has been actively involved in the UN for 20 years”.

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