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Kanun Falls in Switzerland

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Kanun Falls in Switzerland

Again and again there are brutal feuds in Switzerland, which are conducted according to the law of atonement. Blick has compiled the most important ones.


A woman in Dietikon had separated from her violent husband. He killed her in 2019. (icon image)

The kanun, the customary law of the Albanians that was handed down orally, used to regulate land and inheritance disputes. Or certain penalties, for example in the case of theft, female adultery or murder. Only: Even today, the kanun is used for disputes over land, money or debts. Sometimes a bad word about a member of a family is enough – already the honor is violated. Here in Switzerland blood feuds are carried out again and again.

Around August 2019. An Albanian mother of four († 34) from Dietikon ZH paid with her life for separating from her husband. The man is said to have beaten, abused and put massive pressure on her for years. He murdered his wife in her own apartment. She had stab wounds and cuts all over her body. The man was convinced: the woman has no right to a life without him.

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