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Kärpf Pack Young Wolf slain

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Shot in the canton of Glarus

Kärpf Pack Young Wolf slain

The Glarner Wildhut killed the first young wolf of the Kärpf pack in Engi on Thursday night. Another young wolf from this year’s pack is still available to be shot.

Two young wolves of the Kärpf pack fell into a photo trap this year.

As the Glarner Department of Construction and Environment announced on Thursday, the young wolf was shot in a pack association and in the vicinity of settlements in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). In addition to the numerical reduction, it is hoped that such kills will have a learning effect on the other wolves, so that they will avoid settlements in the future.

The shooting took place as part of the regulation of the pack, which was approved by the Bafu at the end of November after the pack had caused some damage to sheep flocks. The canton assumes that the pack killed a total of 50 animals. Of these, ten were in a sheltered herd. One sheep was unprotected and the remaining 39 animals were on an alp where protection is considered unreasonable.

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