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Kiosk robber had an accident while escaping

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Chase in Lengnau BE

Kiosk robber had an accident while escaping

In Thun they robbed a kiosk, in Lengnau they were finally caught by the police. For two robbers, the chase ended in an accident.

During the operation, a police officer and the two suspected robbers were injured.

In Thun BE, two suspected perpetrators broke into a kiosk in the early hours of Friday morning. They then fled in a car and had an accident in Lengnau BE after a chase.

Shortly before 2 a.m., the burglary on Buchholzstrasse in Thun was reported to the cantonal police, who went out with several patrols. In the search for the perpetrators, the police wanted to stop a suspicious car with a hand signal, but it fled, as the Bern canton police announced on Friday.

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