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Leaks are not the problem

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Gieri Cavelty, Editor-in-Chief of SonntagsBlick.

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Gieri CavetyEditor-in-Chief of the SonntagsBlick

Our state government is an attempt to form a circle out of a square – the representatives of the four largest parties. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that things don’t always run smoothly. Whereby: In view of this difficult starting position, conflicts are surprisingly rare overall. Last year, the committee of seven dealt with 2,893 transactions, most of which went smoothly and without discussion.

But it is all the more noticeable when this decision-making machine is under too much pressure and consequently gets out of step. Corona was a historic crisis that not only brought Health Minister Alain Berset and his entourage to the border and possibly allowed unconventional paths to be taken. However, individual Federal Councilors also found themselves challenged by an unusually tense environment beyond the pandemic: the success of the Greens in the last National Council elections meant that none of the four Federal Council members from the FDP and SP can really be sure of being re-elected in December 2023. Just as 20 years earlier a seat in the Federal Council of the CVP had gone to the SVP, the FDP and SP must expect to lose a seat to the Greens.

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