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McLaren rowdy Mike M. only has to go to jail for a year

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Mike M. hits a cyclist in Dornach SO – 24 broken bones, 7 surgeries!

McLaren rowdy only has to go to jail for a year

Mike M. crashed into a cyclist on a test drive in a McLaren. Today, this is only 30 percent capable of working. In the first instance, M. was sentenced to almost 4 years for this – the Supreme Court is now showing mercy with the speeder.

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Mike M. at the court hearing in Dornach in 2021. He protested that he was very sorry for the terrible accident.

He loves fast cars – too much. When Mike M.* (26) rented a 570 hp McLaren for a test drive in the Basel area in June 2019, he ruthlessly pressed the gas pedal.

The result: After an overtaking maneuver at almost 100 km/h, he crashed into a blind curve near Dornach SO, lost control and crashed head-on into a cyclist. The then 38-year-old cyclist had to be flown to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. For this he was tried before the Solothurn Supreme Court. With the verdict: M. has to go to jail for a year. This is reported by SRF.

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