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Methadone is running out in Switzerland

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Addiction doctor alerted

Methadone is running out in Switzerland

The Swiss Society for Addiction Medicine (SSAM) has warned of a possible shortage of methadone tablets in the coming weeks. She therefore called for a simplified import of the tablets from abroad.

According to the World Health Organization, methadone tablets are essential for people addicted to opiates. (archive image)

9,000 people in Switzerland are affected by the bottleneck, as addiction doctor Thilo Beck said in an interview with Swiss radio SRF on Thursday. Methadone is classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an essential drug for the treatment of people with an addiction to opiates such as heroin. “The existence of these people is in question,” said Beck.

Imports from abroad are currently very expensive, said Enea Martinelli, board member of the Pharmacists’ Association, to SRF. Each permit costs around CHF 200 and applications can only be made individually.

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