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Million dollar project for San Bernardino ski resort

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For ten years there was no ski tourism in San Bernardino GR. The place sank into a slumber. A project worth millions is now supposed to bring it back to its former glory.


Myrtle MuellerOutside Reporter News

San Bernardino GR shows its sunny side. cloudless. With snow. And stunning scenery. Satisfied, Stefano Artioli (62) strolls through town along the main street. “Ciao Stefano,” someone calls from a passing pickup. A lady waves at the man with the glossy folder under his arm. The Ticino businessman greets back in a friendly manner. A handshake here, a chat there. For the last two weeks, everyone in southern Graubünden has known the entrepreneur from Lugano TI.

On November 25, 2022, Stefano Artioli invited to the information evening in the Misox community center to present his ambitious project. “I was hoping some people would come. In fact, the room was full.” He expected skepticism, Artioli continued. But the Ticino’s vision was well received. Because the ski lifts in San Bernardino have been standing still for ten years and with them all tourist operations.

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