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Missing doctor now works in Switzerland

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In Germany, she is said to have cheated patients out of 760,000 euros

Missing doctor works in Switzerland

In Pforzheim, Germany, she worked as a doctor for years, then disappeared without a trace. Later she got in touch from Abu Dhabi, now she should work in Switzerland. Meanwhile, the doctor is being investigated. The accusation: billing fraud of around 760,000 euros.


A doctor who was thought to have disappeared in Germany is now working in Switzerland. The Pforzheim public prosecutor’s office is investigating them for billing fraud. (icon picture)

A dermatologist from Pforzheim (D) disappeared from one day to the next. Not only her former patients in Baden-Württemberg were concerned about the mysterious disappearance, but also the public prosecutor’s office, because they are investigating against her. The reason: She is suspected of billing fraud of around 760,000 euros. Now the woman apparently works in Switzerland.

According to a report by the “Badische Neusten Nachrichten” (BNN), the woman is currently working in a Swiss hospital as a senior doctor in dermatology. The report leaves open which hospital it is.

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