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More and more raccoons in the canton of Aargau

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Hunters are supposed to kill the animals

More and more raccoons in the canton of Aargau

More and more raccoons are spreading in Aargau, devastating forests, fields and gardens. That’s why hunters should act now. If an animal comes in front of the gun, they can pull the trigger.


Raccoons are currently spreading in the canton of Aargau.

Even if they look cute, they are not that innocent. Raccoons are spreading more and more in Switzerland, especially in Aargau, as “Argovia Today” reports.

Wouldn’t actually be a problem if the animals didn’t cause so much damage in the Swiss forests. “They can have a powerful impact on ecosystems and other species. Raccoons have few or no natural enemies, but are very skilled climbers and hunters,” says Reto Fischer, specialist hunting, to Radio Argovia.

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